Friday, June 7, 2013

Gasland--Poisoned Environment

Friday, 7-June-2013 - Veghel/Milanville -  Last night, I saw Gasland for the first time. "Impressive documentary about the impact of shale gas in the U.S."  The VPRO broadcasting company aired a shortened version (55 min) on Dutch television.  I haven’t felt so moved to act since I viewed An Inconvenient Truth in 2007.  I live 20 km away from Boxtel, NL a planned fracking test-location—halted 5-Mar-2012 by court order. France imposed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in 2011 and subsequently revoked several exploration licensesWe need to reverse U.S. legislation which has undermined the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Safe Drinking Water Acts.  The search for alternative energy sources needs to continue.
Gasland (104 min) full-length English version with other language subtitles.
Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan
Chemicals in Natural Gas Operations