Thursday, March 14, 2013

Healthy Popular Trees Cut Down in Zijtaart

Thursday, 14-March-2013 - Zijtaart - Yesterday to my shock, I saw healthy 25-year old popular trees (populus canadensis) are being cut down in Zijtaart.  Under the right conditions, these trees can live to be 200 years old! I saw unnecessary destruction of CO2 absorption capacity, habitat for birds and animals, and Brabant landscape.  Tree cutting in Zijtaart was reported in the Brabants Dagblad this past Tuesday.  Readers were led to believe trees were only to be thinned:  every other one. This action is to encompass cutting down 5000 trees during the coming five-year period.  Reason: to save 350,000 euro on maintenance costs.  On the township internet site, Veghel announced that in addition to thinning trees, sickly poplars would be cut down--this is true for a couple of trees in the Hoolstraat, but it is not the case in the Epsesteeg where healthy trees are being cut down (photo).  Kuijpers Tree Cutting is carrying out this action for Veghel.  In addition to cutting down trees, Kuipers actively buys and sells poplar for commercial profit (see below).  Last year, Theo Lemmers answered questions I posed, after the tree-cutting plan was announced (see below).  I feel we need to remain critical of our community's role in responsilble caretakership of our natural environment.  I asked myself if an immediate tree-cutting stop in Veghel be imposed until this can be demonstrated, do actions match the rhetoric? After speaking with Mr Lemmers just now, gained insight on how the township maintains it's tree population--evaluating, thinning and cutting down are essential in this process, especially when there is limited space for trees to grow. By the way, the company BTL Bomendienst (tree service) was hired to make the assessment as to which trees were to be cut down. The Zijtaart is the first of five areas in Veghel to be acted on.

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tree map of veghel

Questions Answered Green Management - Theo Lemmers, Veghel Township, 2-July-2012

Tree cutting in Zijtaart (newspaper article (Dutch)

erpsesteeg and hoolstraat prior to tree cutting    (bing maps)

township announcement (Dutch)
Thinning trees in rural Zijtaart
In the context of the green management plan 2013-2017 of the Veghel is in the outskirts of Zijtaart from 11 March thinning (the order and delete) of trees performedThe trees in the area south of Zijtaart and south of the South - Willemsvaart. The work by the firm Kuijpers Son carried out and go approximately two weeks.   In determining the timing of the implementation takes into account the Flora and Fauna Act.
Why Many nursery trees in the countryside are very close together. By thinning the trees that remain get more room to grow, so they can grow into full treesThe existing lane structure is guaranteed, making the scene does not change

Felling of poplars.  In addition, several rows of poplars harvested, because these trees have a poor vitality. The residents of the streets get this in week 9 a letterThese poplars are replaced by new trees. In the week of 11 March, the Hoolstraat-Sweenslag closed to carry out work. Traffic is diverted with signs.
Should you have any questions, please contact about Mr JJM de la Roy or Mr Theo Lemmers by calling 14 0413.

Kuijpers Wood and Timber trade

Our trees cutting company maintains a lively trade in different wood varieties. For felled trees are used for various industrial purposes. We mainly buy poplars in a trunk and bring it logs on the market. Stem Wood disappears in manufacturing include veneer logs, firewood, lumber and paper timber. Besides selling firewood to local businesses, depart regularly containers with veneer and lumber from projects, to Morocco and China.
(translated from Kuijpers Tree Cutting using Google translator)